Pomade vs. Wax

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Hairstyling for men have come a long way, picking up new products in its path; from pomades to gels, waxes and sprays and lots more.

The choice of product to use depends on the hairstyle you’re aiming to achieve and the quality of your hair. For that old school look, modern hairstyle or something totally out of the box, there is a hairstyling product for it.

Let us take a look at two of the most popular products known to man; pomade and wax.


Pomade is a hairstyling product that has been around since the early 90’s. The early pomades were made from mashed apples and fat, today we have pomades made from water and chemical mixtures. Pomades are of two types; the traditional oil-based pomades and water-based pomades. They give a sleek, laid-back look that is loved by many.

Benefits of Pomade

  • The biggest advantage of pomade is that it allows you restyle the hair throughout the day. Just sprinkle a little water and transform!
  • It comes in a number of options. You can achieve a wet look by applying pomade on slightly damp hair. For a matte finish with less shine, apply on completely dry hair and is best pomade for short hair.
  • A tin of pomade lasts long because only a little amount is required for styling, especially for oil-based pomades.
  • It doesn’t make your hair look too greasy, as long a moderate amount is applied.


Wax is a styling product made primarily with bee wax as the name suggests. Wax has the ability to hold a hairstyle. Wax is not palliable and will often dry out after a few hours, but before then you can restyle it. Wax is great for creating a spiky look.

Benefits of Wax

  • It provides stronger hold in times of strong winds.
  • It is ideal for men who are new to hairstyling because it is easy to apply and style. Pomade can be a little bit complicated for a newbie.
  • Pomade can add extra grease to hair so wax is best for people with naturally oily hair.
  • With wax, you can create hairstyles with different texture and detailed expressions.

Pomade vs. Wax

  • We have taken a rundown of both hairstyling products, let’s put them against each other.
  • Wax is recommended for hairstyles that require a strong hold; it provides a stronger hold than pomade.
  • Wax leaves a residue after washing whereas water-based pomades wash off completely after one wash.
  • Wax dries up after a couple of hours making it difficult to restyle during this time. Pomade has the ability of maintaining its flexibility throughout the day and easy to restyle whenever.

Wax and pomade are great hairstyling products that can give you a desired modern or retro look. No product is perfect all-round; both have their shortfalls. The goal is to find whose shortfalls you can live with.

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