The Different Types of Water Filters

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Shopping or looking for a water purifier may be challenging and sometimes you can even buy a product that you don’t need. What is the point of buying a product that will not meet your needs? In this article we want to let you know about the different types of water filters and give a bit of a description about how they work so that you can be able to make an informed decision on which product will suit your needs. The following are water filters that you can find in stores today.


UV Filters

UV filters are new technology on the market today. It uses ultraviolet radiation to treat water and it has the ability to destroy bacteria that can be damaging to your health.

This filter is the best of purifying water and more environmentally friendly. The UV filter doesn’t need any chemicals or additional heat to be effective.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters are responsible for removing larger particles like sediment and silt that may be found in water. They function by attracting and absorbing these particles to remove them from the water and to make it clean and healthy to drink at any time. Activated carbon filters also ensure the water has less odour and that it tastes much better. This is because they reduce the amount of chlorine and other contaminants that can make the water smelly or just very unpleasant to drink.

Activated carbon filters are also known as carbon filters or pre-filters.

Alkaline/Water Ionizers

These are not your ordinary filters, they are designed to work with a process called the electrolysis. In the process of electrolysis the water passes through plates that are electrically charged and the water is separated into two streams which are alkaline and acidic.  This makes the water more soft and reduces acidity in the skin aswell.

Infrared Filters

Infrared filters are used to help soften water which are good investment if you live in a hard water area. They also use heat and light to negatively charge the water giving it a soft feel. The Infrared filters can easy be compared with the alkaline filters as they have the same elements.

Reverse Osmosis

This is one incredibly popular type of filter because it has been equipped to be able to remove all sorts of contaminants that can be dangerous and harmful for our health. Moreover it can be able to make sure that the water is clear and odour free.

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