Why Nurses Love Clogs

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Clogs have become increasingly popular in not just the nursing community but healthcare as a whole. Nurses spend several hours on their feet so it is essential for them to have best nursing shoes. Clogs provide the much needed support which helps minimize ankle, knee, foot and back pain.

Clogs are designed for the workplace environment, so it is expected that they offer more benefits to nurses that conventional sneakers or regular shoes.


Clogs are closed at the toe region, so they provide protection from chemicals and bodily fluids which are common occurrences in the healthcare field. They are designed to cover the entire foot; this provides protection also from falling objects and helps averts injuries.

Clogs do not have shoelaces, and they easily slip onto the foot, removing the thought of having to tighten loosened shoe laces on the job. Without shoe laces, the pressure shoe laces exert on foot has been alleviated, increasing comfort.

Attributes of a Good Pair of Clogs

Below are some of the most important factors that go into a quality pair of clogs.

  • Reduced stressed – Nurses undergo tremendous amount of stress for long hours. One of the best things that could happen to a nurse is to offer something to reduce the stress. Good quality clogs will reduce the level of stress a nurse feels and make him/her focus his/her mind on other important work-related matters rather than that pain in the foot.
  • Comfort – clogs should increase a nurses’ comfort levels. Adequate padding in a pair of clogs will make them more comfortable and foot-friendly for long hours. Laces will increase pressure on the foot but they hold the shoes firmly to the foot. A good pair of clogs should hold firmly to the foot regardless of the fact that they don’t have shoe laces.
  • Support –A good pair of clogs will provide adequate support to the foot to alleviate foot problems associated with bad footwear.
  • Safety – Clogs should provide safety from chemical spills and splashes associated wih the nursing profession.
  • Stability – A quality pair of clogs should offer stability for protection against slips and falls. The sole should have enough grip to avoid slips.

A lot of modifications have gone into clogs to make them the footwear they are today, making them the preferred choice over regular shoes in the healthcare industry.

A good pair of clogs can provide you that comfort your foot and body need during those long shifts. It is really important for healthcare professionals to get quality pair of clogs for enhanced comfort and safety which leads to optimum performance at work.

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